Rob Greenlee
VP of Content and Partnerships

VP of Content and Partnerships, Libsyn (LSYN), current Chairperson of The Podcast Academy and was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame in 2017. Formerly served as VP, Podcaster Relations at Voxnext’s Spreaker. He started on radio in 1999 and then podcasting in 2004 with the first nationally syndicated radio show "WebTalk World Radio Show" to begin podcasting. He also worked as Voxnest’s Head of Partnerships and Spreaker's Head of Content. Greenlee’s other prior positions have included as EVP/CTO at, Business / Content Manager of Podcasts at Microsoft Zune and Xbox Live Marketplace. He currently co-hosts the "New Media Show", a weekly audio and video podcast that streams LIVE on, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch every Saturday morning at 9am PST / Noon EST, and Wednesday afternoon at Noon PST/3 pm EST.