Chloe Dulce Louvouezo
Congolese-American writer
and advocate for women
Chloe Dulce Louvouezo is a Congolese-American writer and advocate for women. As a storyteller, she supports creativity and belonging of underrepresented women and seeks to deepen understanding about and within communities. Chloe is the executive producer and host of the Life, I Swear podcast and author of Life, I Swear: Intimate Stories from Black Women on Identity, Healing and Self-Trust (HarperCollins Publishers, November 2021), through which she explores nuances and insights around identity, mental wellness, and healing, told through the lens of women from the Black diaspora. Chloe currently serves on the Washington, D.C. Mayor's Commission for Women. She is a founding board member of HURU, which creates sacred spaces for rest experiences that foster emotional wellbeing and wholeness. Chloe earned her B.A. in Journalism from Howard University with a concentration in Cultural Anthropology and her M.P.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University. She holds a professional certificate in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership from Cornell University. To learn more, visit