Dax Martinez-Vargas
Comedy Film Director
Dax Martinez-Vargas: epic comedy director; screenwriter; screen performer; musician and all round gent. Having carved out years and years of audience laughter, Dax needs little in the way of an introduction. What makes Dax Dirty isn’t just his dashing good looks, his hair, his TV shows, apps or succession of genre-hopping musical albums. No, Dax is especially Dirty because of his nous for fitting epic, genre stories into little screen time. Dax is well known for pushing creative boundaries and playing with audience expectations, rightly earning him the title ‘King of Mock Epics’. Stop by and check out spots for Carling, Sky, Burger King and his post-friendly Diet Coke and Robinson’s to see what type of scale and humor Dax does best. Feel free to ask us about his rap videos for Hershey, Seagate and Adobe too. Special stuff. And that’s just Dax's choreographed office chair beat drop.