Best Podcast Launched in Quarantine
To recognize the incredible amount of creativity that emerged from 2020's Covid-19 quarantine, Adweek has created a special category this year to honor the best podcasts launched in lockdown. Any topic or theme is welcome. Adweek is waiving entry fees on all submissions in this category.

Podcast Episode of the Year
Recognizing a single episode of an ongoing or limited-run podcast. The episode should illustrate ambitious storytelling, excellence in production and innovation within the podcast medium.

Podcast Producer of the Year
Recognizing a consummately reliable, organized and proactive producer who serves as the logistical backbone and sanity protector for any ongoing or limited-run podcast.

Podcast Editor of the Year
Recognizing an editor who enhances and invigorates storytelling through subtle and thoughtful editing on any ongoing or limited-run podcast.

Podcast Host of the Year
Recognizing a host who brings unique personality, insight and engagement to any ongoing or limited-run podcast. Far more than just a good voice on a microphone, ideal candidates will be reflective of how podcast storytelling remains fresh through constant evolution.

Podcast Executive of the Year
Recognizing a senior leader dedicated to podcast oversight within an organization, whether it is a company focused on audio content or one that produces podcasts as a secondary priority. This executive should show a track record of constant innovation, decisive leadership and excellent team building.

Podcast Network of the Year
Recognizing an organization that produces and/or hosts more than three distinct podcasts. Ideal honorees are networks that support their podcasts through a blend of marketing, investment, collaboration and innovative digital tools.

Podcast Innovator of the Year
Recognizing a strategic visionary who brings bold new ideas, technical invention and cultural awareness to the podcasts with which they are affiliated. This honoree can be someone helping advance the medium through any number of roles, whether through corporate leadership, product innovation or storytelling.

Best Thought Leadership Podcast
Recognizing the podcast that best conveys wisdom and insight for professional audiences, regardless of niche or size. Key factors include practical experience, relevance, consistency and audio quality.

Best Technology Podcast
Recognizing a podcast that elevates technology coverage beyond the traditional gadget discussion and engages audiences of all experience levels through a blend of insight, approachability and personality.

Best Branded Podcast
Recognizing the best in audio storytelling or thought leadership through a podcast created by or for a specific brand. Key factors include audio quality, unique value for listeners, engaging narratives and measurable business results.

Best Innovation Podcast
Recognizing a podcast that looks at innovation through any lens—business, society, culture, technology, science, etc.—in a way that's compelling, creative and clear.

Best Podcast Hosted by a Publisher
Recognizing engaging analysis and exceptional audio storytelling in a podcast created by publishers for a general or niche audience.

Best Interview Podcast
Recognizing insightful podcasts in which most episodes are based around interviews with experts or inventive leaders. Key factors include audio quality, range of guests, interview quality and topical focus.

Best Marketing Podcast
Recognizing a bold and thought-provoking podcast that focuses on the marketing industry, whether through trend analysis, interviews or other storytelling approaches.

Best Agency-Hosted Podcast
Recognizing an exceptional podcast developed and hosted by a multi-person agency (creative, strategy, consulting, media or otherwise).

Best TV and Streaming Podcast
Recognizing an ongoing or limited-run podcast focused on either the TV/streaming industries or a specific program. Key factors include professional insight, expertise, and a demonstrated range of topics within the core theme.

Best Diversity and Inclusion Podcast
Recognizing a podcast that advances issues such as diversity, inclusion, gender balance, acceptance and advocacy through insightful commentary, fresh perspectives and strong awareness of the industries being discussed.

Best Entrepreneurship Podcast
Recognizing a podcast that empowers and emboldens listeners to pursue their dreams of owning a business while also offering dependable advice on making each venture a success. Key factors include host experience, practical tips and a tone that balances realism with inspiration.

Best Creativity Podcast
Recognizing a podcast that fans the flames of creativity, invigorating professionals in industries such as art, advertising and music to explore new ideas and approaches.

Best Podcast Event
Recognizing a live, in-person event directly connected to a podcast, either in the form of a live recording, a pop-up activation or a destination event such as a festival. Key factors include originality, fan engagement and relevance of the event tie-in to the podcast.

Best Podcast Site or App
Recognizing an industry-leading website, voice skill, digital experience or mobile app tied to a podcast, podcast network or podcast-centric service. Key factors include user experience design and innovative features that amplify the podcast experience.

Podcast of the Year [Drawn from Winners in Other Categories]
This "Best in Show" honor is awarded by the jurors, in partnership with Adweek's newsroom leaders, to the podcast determined to be the year's most exceptional among top honorees in all other categories. Entries cannot be submitted specifically into this category.